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Basketball Stars Meeting at the Alexis Argüello Sports Center

Making homeland, through sports and as part of the recreation and healthy recreation that the Good Government guarantees to capital families, a meeting of basketball stars was held this Saturday, September 28 at the "Alexis Argüello" sports center, where they met the best players in the Superior Basketball League.

This match began with the 3-point shooting competition in which Pieter Prinsloo of South African origin obtained the highest score; Later, the diving competition was held in which the Puerto Rican Carlos Emory achieved the highest score.

After the shooting and dunk contests, the families enjoyed the best show of the night, the star game, in which the best 24 players of the Superior Basketball League participated, which this Monday begins the semifinal of this tournament, among the teams Real Estelí vs Matagalpa and Leones de la Alcaldía de Managua vs Brumas de Jinotega.

Likewise, an invitation was made to Nicaraguan families to enjoy these games that will take place at the Alexis Argüello sports center, where admission is free.

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