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The "The Cleanest and Most Beautiful Fritanga in Managua" Contest was a resounding success

Hundreds of people from the capital went as a family to the Luis Alfonso Velásquez park this weekend, to enjoy the most successful gastronomic contest in the capital, the "Cleanest and Most Beautiful Fritanga in Managua 2019".

The competition between the best spoons in the capital became an event for the whole family, full of music, talent, a catwalk for the election of Miss Fritanga 2019 and the typical and exquisite popular foods.

The contest that began in 2012 and is now part of a tradition in the capital's neighborhoods, in addition to promoting healthy competition among the owners of food businesses, teaches the owners and workers of these enterprises, the proper management of the food and solid and liquid waste typical of a food court.

Reyna Rueda, Mayor of Managua, explained that the contest is a resounding success because it has allowed to exchange and interact with the people who work in the fritangas.

“Over the past five years, we have worked with 2,281 fried food businesses, teaching them how to handle food waste, hygiene standards, while promoting the typical and popular gastronomy of our country. This year more than 100 participants signed up, which indicates the confidence of our people in this type of initiative ”.

Brenda González, has 4 years of attending with her family to the final of the Contest of "The Cleanest and Most Beautiful Fritanga of Managua" that takes place in the Luis Alfonso Velásquez park.

“I like to come because the boys are distracted by the show, they can see the Chinese gunpowder lights that are beautiful, now they can also see the competition of the girls who model and I buy them favorably the food they like, here is where choose between so many fritangas together ".

The winners of the contest were: first place Comediría Jenny from District IV, second place Antojitos Tipicos Takipollo in District V and third place was won by the fritanga Los Gorditos from District V.

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