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Pista Juan Pablo II will be a beautiful green corridor, 25 thousand trees will be planted

The Juan Pablo II Track Modernization and Expansion Project is a comprehensive project that, in addition to building road infrastructure with state-of-the-art technology and major works in storm drainage, will also protect the environment by turning the 9.60 kilometers that the track will have into a green corridor, to achieve this the Mayor's Office will plant 25 thousand trees on the track, Fidel Moreno, Secretary General of the Municipality, explained that the trees will be planted at the end of each section once the gray work is completed.

“Managua is a green city and this track cannot be the exception, we really want to make a beautiful green corridor out of it, not only a place to be able to circulate more quickly, but also to have an impact on our quality of life, a little more than 7,000 new trees of 10 different varieties and about 18,000 will be planted along the track in green areas connected to the track, this will allow to have the shade that is needed and scenic beauty ”.

Moreno explained that currently the track only has 1 thousand 845 trees and many of them are under electrical and communication lines, so they constantly suffer severe pruning, which has been foreseen in this project.

The modernization of the Juan Pablo II track will also have an excellent economic impact for the capital because it will generate new business opportunities by creating spaces for entrepreneurs.

"The construction of the new track will enable 950 thousand square meters for commercial activity, we have estimated that in the first ten years, no less than ten thousand new businesses should be installed on the track".

To date, there are 16 urban transport routes that run along the track every day, plus the 120 thousand vehicles that circulate through this corridor, the traffic studies show that at least 370 thousand citizens use public transport that passes through the Juan Track. Pablo, plus those who transport themselves in their own vehicle, there is an average of 750 thousand residents of the capital that circulate on the Juan II Track.

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