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Capital commune travels areas affected by rains and provides assistance to families

In attention and accompaniment to the capital's families, building authorities toured the areas affected by the rain in the early morning of this Friday, September 20, to assess their damage and clean-up work.

On this tour, comrade Fidel Moreno announced that the rains were concentrated in Sub-basin II of the South Basin of Lake Managua, which caused water accumulations of 75mm on the South highway and 76mm in the Las Colinas area; These concentrations of water caused the El Dorado riverbed to overflow, which caused cobblestones to fall on the Juan Pablo II track, as well as on 35 West Avenue, where strong currents from the South highway also detached the cobblestones of this road. entry to the capital.

Likewise, they reported that throughout the municipality there are 28 affected neighborhoods and 265 houses with flooding, of which 2 houses suffered partial damage and another 2 with total damage; those that will receive the attention required by the Good Government.

Among the works carried out by the Municipality after the rain this Friday morning, street cleaning and storm drainage work, as well as the placement of detached paving stones and the lifting of fallen trees, stand out.

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