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VI stage of the stabilization of the La Primavera channel inaugurated

Making a homeland for all and in love for Nicaragua, the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua inaugurated the VI stage of the La Primavera River Stabilization project, located in District 6 of the capital city.

This common good project is one of the main works for the improvement of the storm drainage of the capital, as well as the elimination of one of the critical points due to flooding in District 6 of the capital, directly benefiting the inhabitants of the neighborhoods. 31 Anniversary, Villa Vallarta and Annex to La Primavera.

In this year 2019, 13 million Córdobas were invested in the construction of the second vehicular bridge and the stabilization of 110 linear meters of riverbed, but the work in its 6 stages has an investment of 52 million Córdobas, with a reach of 715.5 meters lines of channel lining, which began to stabilize in 2013.

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