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The capital commune begins road clearance on section 1 of the Juan Pablo II Track

The Mayor's Office of Managua began the road clearance works in section 1 of the Juan Pablo II Track, there are 7 projects for road improvement and storm drainage, located on one of the diversion routes that will be used when the Modernization and Expansion of the the Juan Pablo II Track, in March 2020.

Clearing the road of section 1 will take a year, in this period two bridge boxes will be built and 25 Calle de Altagracia Sur will be expanded, Fidel Moreno, Secretary of the Commune, explained that the supervision and execution of the works and the 7 projects necessary for the clearance will be tendered.

"We are starting the most important project in the history of Managua, it is the most important road work in our history, the expansion and modernization of the Juan Pablo II Track, it is a project that in all its components will last four For years, we are talking that in the first section we would be expanding to 10 lanes, section 2 and section 3 also to 10 lanes and section 4, will have 8 lanes ”, explained Moreno.

Expanding the right of way to 10 lanes (60 meters) along the Juan Pablo II track will cause damage, in the first section there are 315 cases, of these, 51 people have already signed a contract and have been compensated, as confirmed by the General secretary.

“There are almost 1000 affectations, and under the model of negotiation and consensus we will be reaching agreements, at this moment we have 51 agreements signed in the case of section I, we are clearing the first 50, the families have accepted, they They know that it is for a greater good, this was necessary for the expansion of 25th Street, a detour route will be established here ”.

The megaproject will modernize 9.60 kilometers of track and will build 5 overpasses at the most important intersections such as: El Periodista roundabout, ENEL Central, Rubén Darío or Metrocentro roundabout, Cristo Rey and Plásticos Modernos roundabout or La Robelo in Carreta Norte.

Moreno explained that the projects to clear section 1 are already being tendered, among these works are the construction of two vehicular bridges, 71 homes (relocated in another sector) and urban planning works for these homes.

“We have put out to tender the construction of a bridge in the southern part of the San Judas neighborhood, another bridge in the Andrés Castro neighborhood, the construction of 71 homes for the transfer of the affected families, and urbanization works for these 71 homes, we are also awarding The construction of the treatment plant for these homes, there are 7 projects awarded, this confirms the confidence that the Managuas have in continuing to advance and continue developing our capital, the Juan Pablo II road is a road corridor of the highest economic importance for the development of The city, therefore, we have taken with the seriousness and the importance that is required, this project that has an investment that exceeds 270 million dollars ”.

The Executing Unit of the project is external, it has already been awarded, so it was agreed with the banks CABEI (Central American Bank for Economic Integration) and EIB (European Investment Bank), as confirmed by the Secretary General.

The Juan Pablo II Track is 9.60 kilometers long and is divided into four sections or work areas; section one begins at 7 Sur and ends in the René Cisneros neighborhood; section two goes from the René Cisneros neighborhood to the Central American University (UCA); section three, from the UCA to the Riguero traffic lights and section four from the Riguero to la Robelo traffic lights.

The Municipality will have to carry out drainage projects in at least 11 lined riverbeds, among them are the Cuajachillo, Pochocuape, El Arroyo, San Isidro de Bolas, Los Duartes, Jocote Dulce, San Isidro de la Cruz Verde, Santo Domingo, Las Cuaresmas channels. , El Oriental and Bello Horizonte.

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