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San Rafael del Sur promotes its beautiful beaches and delicious gastronomy

With the joy of living in peace and in love for Nicaragua, celebrating our national holidays, the Department of Managua's Tourism Office met at the Hotel Escuela Luxemburg, from where they invited Nicaraguan families to enjoy the different tourist destinations. offered by the 9 municipalities of this department.

This tourism promotion is an initiative that promotes Good Government, to support and contribute to tourism development, as well as entrepreneurship and the creation of new opportunities in this area of the Nicaraguan Pacific.

In this tourist launch, the beautiful beaches and gastronomy offered by the municipalities of San Rafael del Sur and Villa El Carmen were highlighted; Similarly, the attractions that Managua capital offers were promoted, with the tourist circuit on Avenida de Chávez a Bolívar, as well as the water park on Paseo Xolotlán.

These tourist offers are promoted as part of the “Patria Para Todos… I Love You Nicaragua” campaign, in which Nicaraguan families are invited to discover the different attractions and spaces for family recreation offered by the 9 municipalities of the department of Managua. .

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