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Construction of the El Borbollón bridge carries an advance of the 51%

On Thursday, September 5, comrade Fidel Moreno Briones, Secretary General of the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua, carried out a supervision to evaluate and review the progress of the construction of the El Borbollón bridge, on the Larreynaga runway, located south of the Augusto airport. C. Sandino.

During this visit, comrade Fidel Moreno, said that the work in general is progressing with the 51%, which has an investment amount of 72 million córdobas and is made up of 2 components, the road improvement and the storm drain, which the latter leads to the stabilization of the channel that has an advance of 80%.

This work will consist of 2 bridges with 21 meters long and almost 30 meters wide, with 2 lanes in each direction and 2 waiting, cemented with 76 concrete piles; in the road improvement component, 133 linear meters of track will be built with hydraulic concrete and 121 linear meters in asphalt layer; In the part of the pluvial drainage work, 68 linear meters of hydraulic concrete channel were lined and 84 linear meters of channel formation, upstream and 162 meters of channel formation and protection of gabions, downstream.

Likewise, he said that the project is progressing very well, having a good development of the same, so it is expected to be finalized in the month of December and in this way to be able to continue with the progress of the Larreynaga track, which would join a project that The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure will execute, which consists of joining the North highway with the Coyotepe Circunvalación, which will allow the Veracruz track segment to be articulated, giving an alternative route to the city of Managua and with an entrance to it, through the Larreynaga track.

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