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Road Improvement and Storm Drainage Project eliminates critical point due to flooding in Managua

Municipal authorities, together with the residents of the Macarally neighborhood, inaugurated a Road Improvement and Storm Drainage Project, which eliminates one of the critical points in Managua.

This project is one of the largest being carried out in District V of Managua, it directly benefits 3,928 inhabitants and had an investment cost of 13 million córdobas, which were financed with the Commune's own funds, thanks to the trust of taxpayers who meet the commitment to pay their taxes.

The Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda, announced that in the Macarally neighborhood there was a 42-inch pipe, which was replaced by a 72, 42 and 30-inch pipe, in a little more than 600 linear meters, to handle larger volumes of water and thus prevent the drain from collapsing every time it rains.

Among the scope of the work is the construction of five new paved road network blocks, 14 rainwater manholes, 18 triple gutters and a concrete channel of a little more than 600 linear meters; these works generated a little more than 50 jobs.

Rueda reported that in District V, storm drainage projects are also being carried out in the Los Ángeles, Germán Pomares and Francisco Salazar neighborhoods.

He explained that in 2019, the Municipality has invested about 145.9 million córdobas, in 52 new storm drainage projects throughout the capital, benefiting thousands of residents of the capital.

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