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Israel Lewites Market launches National Discount Fair

The National Discounts Fair continues in the 8 capital markets. This weekend the Israel Lewites market made the official launch of its Fair which will conclude at the end of September.

There are four more weeks of discounts so that families from the capital can approach this shopping center and purchase all seasonal products, meat, perishable, basic grains, handicrafts and uniforms that are in great demand for use in national parades, to affordable prices with 20, 30 and up to 40% discounts.

The event was chaired by the Mayor of Managua, Compañera Reyna Rueda; Freddy Rodríguez, General Director of Consumer Protection at MIFIC; colleague Javier Herrera, General Manager of the Israel Market; Freddy Casco, General Director of COMMEMA and colleague Manuela Escalante representing the Association of Merchants of the 8 markets of Managua.

300 merchants participate in this fair, who are the protagonists of this initiative, which aims to offer solidarity prices and bring merchants and consumers closer together.

The Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda, highlighted the work that merchants do on a daily basis to offer their products in each of the capital's markets.

He stated that since the launch of these discount fairs in the different markets, merchants have experienced an increase in their sales and expressed the commitment of Commander Daniel and Compañera Rosario, to continue promoting initiatives like these, which benefit both consumers , as of the merchants.

"We are also happy, very satisfied, but committed to continue promoting, to continue supporting all merchants, but above all all families."

Rueda urged families to visit these shopping centers from Monday to Sunday, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

"We offer you the cordial invitation with much affection, much love, inviting you to come and buy in our markets, here you will find everything, at prices that you will be surprised, really our merchants have prepared packages, promotions for that the families come to obtain all the products that you need in your homes ”.

Freddy Rodríguez, MIFIC General Director of Consumer Protection, highlighted that markets play a very important role in speeding up the country's economy and affirmed the commitment to ensure good service, as established by the Consumer Law.

The Director General of COMMEMA, comrade Freddy Casco, announced that they will have the support and the police protection, the days that the fairs last, also expressed the commitment and willingness to support in the cleaning of the markets, that there is good service and access so that families can move and shop with peace of mind.

For their part, the merchants were very positive and expressed that these National Discount Fairs will be a resounding success because it will bring many benefits, promotions, packages and mainly good service to consumers.

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