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Train coaches and technicians of Children's Baseball Academies

In support of sport in its different disciplines, the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua, in coordination with the logistics group EMPREMAR, held a seminar on new techniques for the teaching and comprehensive development of students from the Roberto Clemente children's baseball academies in the Nicaraguan capital. .

In this seminar, colleague Enrique Armas Rosales, Vice Mayor of Managua, expressed the importance of these trainings for coaches, as well as for parents, so that they know the proper way to treat children and develop an excellent relationship between the parent. , the athlete and the coach; He also said that this training will take place on the baseball field of the Hugo Chávez Frías sports complex in the 14 de Septiembre neighborhood.

The seminar was given by Mr. Jorge Delgado, International Instructor, certified by Major League Baseball, who highlighted that before, in the teaching of this sport, the old school was based only on the experience of those who teach involving the technical aspects and now With scientific advances, there is a more direct involvement in different areas of children, so many in the emotional, cognitive and coordinative part, promoting that the development of the infant is carried out in a more successful way, so the training is carried out under these axes.

For their part, the coaches were happy with this seminar, which will be of great benefit to them and will contribute to the development of baseball, as stated by coach Carlos Bustamante from the Americas nursery school and Mrs. Yamileth Obando García from the September 14 school. .

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