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Comprehensive project of the Los Angeles neighborhood will benefit more than three thousand three hundred families

The Comprehensive Road Improvement Project and Sanitation Works of the Los Angeles neighborhood, due to its scope, is the largest project in drainage works that the Municipality executes this 2019 in District V.

In addition to carrying out road works, it has two more components that are: storm drainage and sanitary drainage, it has an advance of 40 percent with an investment of 15 million. Fidel Moreno, Secretary General of the Commune, confirmed that the project will directly benefit 3,360 families living in the neighborhood and 15,000 protagonists from the surrounding neighborhoods.

“We are in the Los Angeles neighborhood where we have one of the most important projects of this year, this project is a comprehensive improvement for the entire neighborhood, we are on the main artery of the neighborhood, changing the water and sanitation pipeline for a new pipeline, Since the one that was originally collapsed in the winter, we did not have rainwater drainage in the area and we are also installing it. This street not only crosses the entire neighborhood but also joins the 30 de Mayo and 14 de Mayo neighborhood.

Moreno, highlighted that the project executes the expansion of the sanitary sewer pipeline and will have a road network component.

“Here we did not have storm drainage, the project will install a little more than 600 linear meters of storm drain pipe, remember that here we had a critical point, the current was making huge gullies, the water got into the houses, it was very painful for us. the families, that's why we decided to change the old pipe, build the rainwater system and we decided to make concrete streets because the streets are very inclined ”.

Similarly, Moreno explained that the project will be ready at the end of October and highlighted that the 52 drainage projects that are being carried out throughout the Capital this year are 81.5 percent complete and 521 drain covers have been replaced.

Among the scope of the project, 32 drainpipes, 19 rainwater manholes and 7 sanitary manholes have been installed in the rainwater area.

The project in general has an impact on 5 neighborhoods of the capital, directly benefiting 15 or 20 thousand people in the area.

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