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"Streets for the People" program delivers more new blocks to the Jorge Dimitrov neighborhood

The "Streets for the People Program 2019" continues to benefit the Jorge Dimitrov neighborhood, with the improvement of 1.3 blocks (372 m2), built using the double treatment technique.

The work was delivered to the population by the Deputy Mayor of Managua, Enrique Armas Rosales, who stated that the purpose of this program is to contribute to improving the living conditions of 16,337 protagonists of 1,529 homes in this neighborhood, guaranteeing them a passable and accessible road network.

The work had an investment cost of 336 thousand córdobas and generated 20 direct jobs and 30 indirect jobs.

Likewise, he affirmed that with the Streets Program for the People this year, the Municipality had planned to serve 7.5 blocks, but the program was expanded to 8 blocks, of which 6 have already been served and 2 blocks remain pending delivery.

The Jorge Dimitrov neighborhood is almost 40 years old since it was founded and the road network has 85 percent of its streets lined, including asphalt, cobblestone and concrete streets, and now has streets lined with the double treatment technique.

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