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Doña Ana Silvia Moreno's family receives their new house, they already number 154

After living for more than 10 years in vulnerable conditions, Mrs. Ana Silvia Moreno, a single mother of 5 children, receives her new home from the authorities of the Managua Mayor's Office and the Chinese Embassy (Taiwan).

Reyna Rueda, Mayor of Managua, during the opening ceremony in the Rubén Darío neighborhood, said she was very happy to deliver to Mrs. Ana Silvia, dignified housing 154 of this Love Project, which restores the right to live with dignity to this family, but above all safe.

He stressed that only in this neighborhood 22 homes have been delivered to the same number of families, "how can we not feel happy to be part of the transformation of each of these homes, of families, because all human beings, all families What we want is a home, a decent house, ”he stressed.

He announced that this neighborhood has also been benefited with rain drainage works, installation of new pipes, grilles, trailers, manjoles that have prevented the floods that were continuously occurring in the area and the 6 streets that make up the neighborhood, are completely renovated with asphalt layer that improve pedestrian and vehicular access.

Doña Ana Silvia Moreno, the protagonist of this house, expressed her happiness at having her new home, where she will not get wet in rainy periods.

For his part, the Ambassador of China (Taiwan), Jaime Chin Mu Wu, congratulated the efforts made by the Government of Reconciliation and National Unity and the Mayor's Office of Managua, to improve the living conditions of families in the neighborhoods.

“We are always very happy to accompany this effort, not only to deliver houses, but to sow hope, we have seen the smile, the emotion of Ana Silvia's benefited family, especially her daughter, very happy, that for us is the best satisfaction "Commented the diplomat.

At the inauguration of this house, the Municipality offered a free medical consultation day, as well as the medicines; in the same way, it carried out a cultural event, presentation of clowns, face painting and piñatas for the amusement of the kings of the home.

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