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Elderly lady receives dignified housing number 153

For Doña Paula Adela Álvarez Matute, living under an unsafe roof is a thing of the past. The authorities of the Good Government and the brother people of China (Taiwan), considerably changed this reality and having a little house that almost fell due to its deteriorated condition, now has a completely rebuilt house.

This new home located in the Monseñor Lezcano neighborhood of District II of Managua, was delivered by Vice Mayor Enrique Armas and the Ambassador of China (Taiwan), Mr. Jaime Chin Mu Wu, who in an inaugural ribbon-cutting ceremony handed over the keys to the protagonist 153 of this Love Program.

"I thank God first, then our Good Government of Commander Ortega and his wife, the Government of the brother people of Taiwan and the teams of workers of the Mayor's Office of Managua who behaved very well with me", were the words of Doña Paula to the receive your new home.

During the delivery ceremony, the Vice Mayor of Managua, Enrique Armas, commented that Monsignor Lezcano is one of the neighborhoods that is full of stories, it is where the three-time World Boxing Champion, Alexis Argüello, was born and raised and is also one of the neighborhoods most popular in the capital, where the design of the pre-earthquake houses are still preserved.

He recalled that “on a day like today 25 years ago, some of the journalists who are here were in Miami because Alexis was fighting with Jorge Palomares and after eight years Argüello returned to the ring, at 42 years of age, and Alexis won that day. Look at what he had prepared for us this week when he handed over house number 153, ”said Vice Mayor Armas.

For his part, the Ambassador of China (Taiwan) Mr. Jaime Chin Mu Wu said he was happy to be in this neighborhood blessed by God, which did not fall during the earthquake and where now a house is delivered that helps to have a better quality of life to the family of Mrs. Paula Adela Álvarez Matute.

He also highlighted the commitment of his country to continue supporting President Daniel Ortega and Vice President Rosario Murillo, who are always aware of the needs of Nicaraguan families.

In the opening ceremony, the Municipality provided medical attention with free medicine and also held cultural presentations and an afternoon of entertainment for the neighborhood children with the clowns, face painting and piñatas.

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