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Contest of "The Cleanest and Most Beautiful Fritanga 2019" begins in its sixth edition

This 2019 the Municipal Government is proud to carry out the contest "The Cleanest and Most Beautiful Fritanga" for the sixth time, the call was held at the Amphitheater of the Luis Alfonso Velásquez Flores park and this year, for the second time, the contest will be accompanied by the Miss Fritanga beauty pageant.

Mayor Reyna Rueda, in the company of 42 protagonists who own fritangas, young people from the Guardabarranco Movement along with the candidates for Miss Fritanga, invited the owners of these to register in the contest, those who wish to participate can go to the districts or the Directorate of Environment in the Center.

Reyna Rueda Mayor of Managua explained that in the five years that the contest has been held, a little more than two thousand protagonists have participated.

“We are proud that this contest, which was born to teach the brothers of the fritangas, the importance of good solid and liquid waste management, became an opportunity for the participants to grow in popularity through the media and advertising, by At the same time, the winners of the first three places earned their little money that they invested in their businesses, ”shared Rueda.

Starting next week, the qualifying jury will visit the 7 districts to visit the participants of the event.

On September 18 will be the grand finale at a food fair, in the Luis Alfonso park.

The grand final, which will be at the gastronomic fair on September 28, in the Luis Alfonso Park, three winners will be chosen, the first place will receive a prize of 50 thousand córdobas, the second 30 thousand and the third place 20 thousand córdobas.

Karla Zapata works on her own from her home with a fritanga, has been participating in this contest for five years and ensures that the economy of her business has improved considerably.

"I am happy that the contest has already started because that way we all have the opportunity to promote our businesses by selling a little more, that is what we all need to work in peace."

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