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Germán Pomares channel lining is 80 percent complete

The lining of the Germán Pomares channel is 80 percent complete, the project benefits 183 families living in the surroundings of the channel, the drainage works are in the final stretch and will be ready in mid-September, Fidel Moreno, Secretary General of the Municipality, explained that 100 linear meters of riverbed have been lined.

“This project is in one of the critical points that we had in Managua, a few years ago we had evacuated 14 families and if the riverbed overflowed, it would flood 29 houses, to carry out these engineering works and stabilize the riverbed, we had to evacuate the Affected families to provide security, we are entering the most critical part of winter, September and October are the months when it rains the most and the challenge is to finish it in mid-September, thank God the work is progressing well, practicing the entire section of the riverbed it is stabilized ”.

Moreno explained that the drainage project will cover 100 meters of channel length, will also build a bridge box and install a vehicular bridge, this project also carries out sanitation works in the surroundings, the works with all its components, has an investment close to the 4 million córdobas.

The Secretary General explained that four stages are expected to be completed in the next few years, one of them would be to cover an additional 140 linear meters next year upstream in this same channel until reaching FANABASA and thus continue to stabilize the micro-basin.

“With this work we also attend to the overflows that occurred here in Germán Pomares and that affected the Pablo Úbeda and René Polanco neighborhoods and in 2020, we would have to do another project that would be a second stage, to connect this work to the drainage that We are building in the René Polanco neighborhood in the FANABASA channel, with this we would be fully attending to the drainage of the entire area, only in these projects in the sector, the investment exceeds 150 million córdobas, thanks to the trust of the taxpayers ”.

Juana del Carmen Pérez Zelaya has lived in this neighborhood for 30 years and explained that since they are doing the works on the riverbed they can sleep peacefully.

“This government is the only one that cared about this neighborhood, we spent years flooding ourselves, but thanks to God and to the Commander they are already working on the channel so that it does not overflow, that water got into our houses, it flooded everything, people were I would get up, and comrade Fidel Moreno would come here at any time, at dawn to solve our needs ”.

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