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Call for entries for the 2019 National Christian Music Festival

The Mayor's Office of Managua in conjunction with the Leonel Rugama Cultural Movement, INIFOM, Channel 6 and Christian ministries, carried out this Tuesday, August 27, the official launch of the call to participate in the 2019 National Christian Music Festival, under the slogan “Canto a Life and Hope ”.

The call is open for the youth groups of Christian music of the churches of the country, in the soloist, duo and bands categories, in all musical genres.

The National Christian Music Festival will be preceded by 19 concerts that will be held at the departmental level, starting this August 31.

In the particular case of Managua, those interested in participating, may take their information to the offices of the Directorate of Culture of the Mayor's Office of Managua and advocate with comrade Griselda Rivas, to register for the departmental concert that will be held on September 7, at 6 pm at the Tomás Borge Martínez Amphitheater.

The Great National Concert of adoration will be on September 21, at 5:00 in the afternoon at the Alexis Argüello Sports Center, where the bands and musical groups that were selected in the 19 departmental concerts will participate.

This national festival that aims to promote values of love, reconciliation and peace in families, will be totally free to the public and will also be broadcast live on Channel 6.

For her part, the Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda, stressed that this is a special worship event, which seeks to promote the union of families, as well as faith, love and blessing.

He shared that “music is the most direct art that exists, it enters through the ears and goes straight to the heart. We are very excited about this call that we are going to do at the national level. All municipalities are going to be directly involved both in the organization, as the assembly and in the realization of each of these events that are held, ”explained Rueda.

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