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Commune pays tribute to the musical composer of our National Anthem Luis Abraham Delgadillo

The Municipality paid tribute to the greatest Nicaraguan composer of all time, Luis Abraham Delgadillo Rivas, on the 132nd anniversary of his birth.

Municipal authorities, the director of the “Rubén Darío” Symphony and director of the Román Rodríguez National Theater, together with the municipal band and the symphony orchestra made up of young musicians from Nicaragua, placed a wreath and performed a repertoire of the most outstanding musical works from the author of the music of our national anthem.

Vice Mayor Enrique Armas highlighted the legacy of Abraham Delgadillo's musical work, which defended national sovereignty and the rescue and defense of the indigenous race.

“We are paying tribute to one of the greatest Nicaraguan composers such as Luis Abraham Delgadillo, what better way to celebrate the national holidays than to honor the legacy of an artist who crossed the borders of our country, Delgadillo was a very talented kid who studied With a scholarship at the Milan Conservatory of Music in Italy, he worked hard for 8 years and then passed on his knowledge, conducting an orchestra at an international level in New York, Cuba, Venezuela and his great passion was to form a national symphony orchestra in Nicaragua and our Government has been working in that project.

The Director of Historical Heritage, Clemente Guido, explained that Delgadillo's musical legacy is not only invaluable because of his talent, but because he used music to defend and promote peace.

"The composition of the music of the National Anthem was a call for peace, a protest to end the war caused by the invaders, at that time, it was difficult to make a cry for peace, Delgadillo was a defender of the indigenous race, only Let's analyze the titles of his works we have La Danza de la Flecha, Tramonto en la Cumbre. Its symphonies include: Inca Symphony and Teotihuacán that express the spirit of the high aboriginal cultures of the New World ”.

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