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Solidarity Fair of Discounts in the Oriental Market

With low prices and great offers, it takes place in the 8 capital markets, the solidarity fair and discounts on all its products; Comrade Enrique Armas Rosales, Vice Mayor of Managua visited this Saturday, August 24, the Oriental market, from where he announced the start of this fair that will be held in the remainder of August and throughout September.

The Vice Mayor was in the new El Renacer gallery where he said that in the 8 markets of the capital there is a discount festival on the products of the basic basket, as well as on other products such as clothing and shoes.

For their part, the merchants called on Nicaraguan families to visit this shopping center that has many products at low prices, among them, Mrs. Ligia Benavídez, a seller of basic grains and household products, who announced discounts in the pound of rice, beans and the oil that sells it at 28 cordobas per liter.

In the same way, Don Rosendo Ángel Baldizón, indicated that all the products are in discounts, for which he invited Nicaraguan families to take advantage of these fair prices offered by the capital markets.

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