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Calles para el Pueblo executes road improvement work in the Sector 17 neighborhood

In the Sector 17 neighborhood of District 5, El Buen Gobierno, through the Mayor's Office of Managua, inaugurated the road improvement in 6.5 blocks of streets in this area of the capital, where its population had proposed and requested this project in the town councils. and community assemblies, as part of the model of citizen power and direct democracy.

This road improvement is developed through the Calles para el Pueblo program, which in this year 2019 plans to benefit 69 neighborhoods in the 7 districts of the capital city, of which progress has already been made in 12 neighborhoods and work will be carried out in the 57 remaining, to improve the state of 175 blocks, throughout the capital city.

This work of the common good was inaugurated and delivered to the families of this capital neighborhood, by comrade Enrique Armas Rosales, Vice Mayor of Managua, who announced that, through this project, the access roads to this community are improved in the that now vehicles and caponiers can enter more easily.

He also explained that this project, which improves the living conditions of the families that live and travel through this sector, was carried out with the double treatment technique, with a significant investment, directly benefiting 300 families in this community; He also explained that this program will also be carried out in the neighborhoods of Socrates Sandino, Salomón Moreno, Pablo Úbeda, 14 de Mayo and 2 other communities in District 5 of Managua.

For their part, the families of the sector were happy with this work of restitution of rights, as expressed by Doña Juanita Aburto, who said that this road improvement was of great need for the community, because due to the poor condition of the streets the vehicles They could not pass through them and now even the caponiers can enter any point of this community.

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