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“Bismarck Martínez” Social Interest Housing Program receives 2,500 applications in one week

Families in the capital continue to overflow into the Social Programs offices to apply for an application for the Bismarck Martínez Program, in the form of affordable housing, which will be paid with a monthly fee of $ 40 for a 25-year term.

The Secretary General, Fidel Moreno explained that the new modality of the housing program has received 2,500 applications in one week.

“This program has been so successful and we are grateful for the trust of our people, that in the first week 2,500 applications have been received, added to the more than 8,000 applications that are already approved for the lots, we are talking about more than 10,000 applications. approvals of the program, which reflects the confidence that our people have in initiatives of this type ”.

Moreno explained that through the Bismarck Martínez program, families have the opportunity to realize the dream of acquiring a home of their own, with this program and its conditions, families that apply and meet all the requirements can save 40 dollars a month.

The goal of the Central Government, led by Commander Daniel Ortega in coordination with the Municipality, is to deliver at least 1,500 lots by the end of the year, confirmed Moreno.

“At the end of 2019, we aspire to deliver 1500 lots and 500 homes and in 2020, we expect to deliver about 2,000 homes and 3,000 or 4,000 lots, the important thing about all this is that once the families sign a contract they are already on the waiting list, There are already contracts signed to deliver lots in 30 months and in homes we are already signing to deliver in 12 months ”.

The social interest housing will have 54 square meters of construction, with a land of 150 or 180 square yards.

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