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Binational Meeting between Nicaraguan Municipalities with Quepos Costa Rica

As part of the ties of friendship and strengthening the twinning between the cities of Managua, Granada and San Juan del Sur with Quepos Costa Rica, a binational meeting was held, in which municipalities and representatives of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Tourism participated. Quepos, as well as delegates from the Nicaraguan Institute of Tourism (INTUR) and the Nicaraguan Institute for Municipal Development (INIFOM).

This meeting took place in the Gran Sultana, where the mayors of Granada, Managua and San Juan del Sur participated and work tables were established to exchange and share experiences on tourism, culture, sports and the environment; The Costa Rican delegation was headed by Mr. Erick Cordero Ríos, Vice Mayor of Quepos and Mr. Harry Bodaan, President of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Tourism of this Canton of Costa Rica.

The Vice Mayor of the Canton of Quepos, expressed that in this meeting experiences were exchanged on the issues that strengthen each of the cities; In his specific case, he said that this twinning will help them acquire cultural experiences and rescue their traditions, Granada has a lot of history with its 495 years.

The city of Quepos is located in Puntarenas, a province on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, where the Manuel Antonio National Park is located, a natural conservation area and one of the most famous tourist destinations in this Central American country, who exchanged their experiences in environmental management and tourism development.

After the work tables, the colonial city of Granada and the islets of the lake were toured, as well as the crater of the Masaya volcano at night and the trails of the Mombacho Volcano, where the members of the Costa Rican delegation highlighted the beauty of these sites and its tourist potential.

The closing of this meeting was celebrated with the equestrian in honor of the Virgin Asunción de María, which was developed with the joy of living in peace, with an attendance of 30 thousand people and some 1,500 horsemen, who paraded in their beautiful specimens through the streets of the colonial city of Granada; For their part, the members of the Costa Rican delegation were happy and expressed their admiration for this festival, which was held in order and with great joy.

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