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Capital commune guarantees immediate cleaning when leaving Santo Domingo towards Las Sierritas

A brigade of 100 workers guaranteed the cleaning of the surroundings of the Santo Domingo Church and the route that the image made back to Las Sierritas.

The capital Commune deployed this brigade made up of workers from Districts VI and VII, who assumed the cleaning from the perimeter of the Santo Domingo Church in Managua to the Cristo Rey Rotunda; from the Rotunda Cristo Rey to La Morita, and once the procession passed through La Morita, District V was in charge of guaranteeing the collection of garbage to Las Sierritas.

This procession that took the Patron Saint to Las Sierritas, arrived at the intersection of La Morita at 2:40 in the afternoon, here the traditionalist porters said goodbye with a 10-minute dance, which was animated by the Municipal Band on the stage. Cultural Center of the Mayor's Office, where an artistic magazine was also made from 10:00 in the morning, to set the mood for the promising people who were waiting for the Saint.

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