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The Town Hall accompanies Santo Domingo de Guzmán on his return to Las Sierritas

This August 9, on the eve of the return of Santo Domingo de Guzmán to his home in Las Sierritas, Mayor Reyna Rueda together with the families of the capital participated in the activities that are traditionally organized to say goodbye to "Minguito", such as bull riding. in the San José Oriental neighborhood, where hundreds and hundreds of residents of the capital gathered to share the bullfight and a joyous party to the sound of Xolo Batucada.

The tradition of releasing the bulls in the open field on the edge of the road, has been in existence for about 36 years.

In the San José Oriental neighborhood it is the Committee of the Culonas Cow in coordination with the Santo Domingo Bull Committee and the Municipality, which in the last 15 years have guaranteed that the families of the Eastern neighborhoods can enjoy a bullfighting afternoon full of adrenalin.

Mayor Reyna Rueda together with the Organizing Committee shared with the families the joy of living in peace.

"We are grateful to God who allows us to share with the devotees of Santo Domingo these activities that are already part of our tradition and culture, we are proud to continue accompanying the families who come, whether to recreate as a family or pay promises, but above all we are proud that these festivities are being lived in an environment of peace and security ”, said the Mayor.

Then the Traditionalist Committee of Porters of Managua during a cultural evening gave Mayor Rueda a recognition of the support and accompaniment that in recent years the Municipality has offered its people in the religious and cultural fervor in honor of Santo Domingo.

At the end of the work through the neighborhoods of Managua, the Chávez family's house once again opened the doors of their house to share with the community of San Judas the distribution of food, this time there were 1,500 nacatamales and the traditional chicha de las 7 quebradas, the heirs to the legacy of Lisímaco Chávez together with Mayor Reyna Rueda, highlighted the atmosphere of peace and order in which the activities to fire Minguito were carried out.

Raymond Chávez, grandson of Lisímaco Chávez, thanked the Municipality for its support for continuing to support the religious tradition that the people show to Santo Domingo.

“One more year that we have fulfilled the legacy that our grandfather left us, it is now 13 years that we continue to guarantee all the activities that are part of the Minguito festivities and we thank the Mayor's Office that year after year makes this possible, with its unconditional support. in all logistics, such as the ship and security, but above all we are grateful for the peaceful atmosphere that exists, thanks to the work done by the Mayor's Office and the Government of Commander Daniel ”.

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