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Municipality continues campaign campaign against dengue

For the second consecutive weekend, the Mayor of Managua continued its campaign against dengue in the neighborhoods of the capital.

Brigades of workers from District VI and the Public Cleaning Directorate carried out the maintenance of the green areas, tree pruning and cleaning of the main tracks in the sector.

The day started from the Dancing traffic lights to Iván Montenegro, while a brigade of 15 workers, 1 crane truck, a dump truck, a skid steer loader, a container truck, cleaned the Los Tauros riverbed from 7:00 a.m. tomorrow until 2:00 in the afternoon.

This Sunday, August 11, the cleaning brigade attended the Conchita Palacios riverbed, in addition to the Portezuelo riverbed, in the latter, 58 tons were extracted only in sedimentation and garbage.

This weekend the Municipality executed the Calache Plan against dengue in Districts VI and VII, while last weekend the campaign against dengue was deployed in Districts II and IV of Managua.

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