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Streets for the People Program delivers new blocks in the Jorge neighborhood

The Streets for the People 2019 Program continues to benefit the Jorge Dimitrov neighborhood, with the double treatment technique it covered 2.5 new blocks of streets, with an investment of 450 thousand córdobas, the road improvement project began in July and now has a scope of 5.5 blocks, since in the first phase three blocks were covered.

With the Streets Program for the People this year, the municipality plans to serve 7.5 blocks, of which 5.5 have already been served, which benefits a population of just over 16 thousand people who pass through these streets every day. To go to classes or to work, every year the main demand of the residents in the town councils is that their streets be improved by one hundred percent.

Upon handing over the project to the community, Mayor Reyna Rueda reiterated the Municipal Government's commitment to continue working for the common good of families.

“We are only the facilitators, it is God who allows us to work on projects like this, in which you are the most benefited, now that the street has been widened and covered, the garbage truck can now go from house to house and this new street joins two main valleys of the neighborhood which makes it possible to speed up the mobilization within the neighborhood ”.

Karla Patricia Hernández, a resident of the neighborhood, thanked all the work that the Municipal Government is taking to the community.

“Before our neighborhood had streets-channels, that made it difficult for an ambulance or a taxi to enter, now we have more than half of the streets covered, that has improved our quality of life, since now ambulances enter the health center, people are better mobilized to schools and we owe that to our Good Government, which has been working year after year in the neighborhood, ”said Hernández.

The Jorge Dimitrov neighborhood is almost 40 years old since it was founded, it has 85 percent of its streets covered, this year the attention of 7.5 blocks of streets is scheduled, with an investment amount of 1 million 562 thousand córdobas, of which only 2 blocks would remain pending.

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