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Good Government delivers construction materials to merchants affected by fire

In attention to the merchants affected by the fire on the night of Friday, August 2, the Good Government, through the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua, delivered construction materials to the owners of the 9 burned sections.

The event occurred this August 2 at 11:00 at night, on the seafood street of the eastern market and affected the sections of the merchants: Hilda Fajardo Núñez, Luz Marina Videa, Aura María Meneses, Karla Vanessa Ardón, Luz Marina López, Salvadora Meneses, Marcia Vargas, Dereck Alegría Ruiz and Josué Espinoza; who received a package of materials for the reconstruction of their sections according to their size; In total, 105 zinc sheets, 84 rulers, 63 squares and 21 pounds of nails were delivered.

The construction materials were delivered to those affected, by comrade Reyna Rueda Alvarado, Mayor of the Citizen Power of Managua, who highlighted the importance of working together for the common good, such as the work that was developed on Friday to suffocate in 20 minutes this fire that only affected 9 sections; Thanks to the Good Government articulation model, which was proven in the rapid action of the institutions and merchant associations in the face of this fire, which did not spread to more sections.

Likewise, he expressed that, with this affectation, the fire-fighting system, which the new Renacer building has, was tested, it was also verified how long this fire could be stopped, which at another time would have been worse with more sections affected.

For their part, the 9 affected merchants expressed their gratitude to the Good Government, for the quick action and support to rebuild their sections, as expressed by Mrs. Luz Marina López, a merchant with 29 years of selling in this capital market.

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