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Municipality delivers the ship from Santo Domingo de Guzmán to the family of Lisímaco Chávez

On July 31, Mayor Reyna Rueda delivered the traditional Santo Domingo de Guzmán ship to the children and grandchildren of Lisímaco Chávez (RIP), in front of the Secretary of the Managua Council. After the delivery, the ship left for the eastern neighborhoods of the capital and at night, the inhabitants of the San Judas neighborhood will hold a joyous party and cultural magazine on the eve of the arrival of the Patron Saint of the Managuas.

Reyna Rueda, Mayor of Mangua, reiterated the support of the Municipality to strengthen the cultural and religious traditions and the fervor of the Managuas.

"We are proud to strengthen and participate in this tradition, to accompany the Chávez family, we with the love of always have made all the preparations for the ship, to deliver it to the heirs of this legacy that our appreciated and remembered Lisímaco left us, a very important man who promoted love and fervor to Santo Domingo throughout his life ”.

Reymod Lisímaco Chávez, grandson, appreciated the unconditional support of the Commune to continue this tradition in the last 13 years.

“It has been 13 years since our grandfather inherited this tradition from us, we are here, celebrating another year thanks to the support of the Mayor's Office, Lisímaco left all the Managuas a legacy, he was brave because he defended the festivities of Santo Domingo in times of the guard, if he had not been brave, today we would not have the procession of Santo Domingo, where hundreds and hundreds of promisers attend to pay promises for favors received ”.

The tradition of the boat was incorporated into the patron saint festivities approximately 43 years ago, and at the beginning of this tradition, only Santo Domingo, representatives of the church, the chief chief and the devils went on the boat.

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