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Authorities Prepared for the Equestrian Parade of the First of August

At a press conference, the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua, the Association of Horsemen of Managua, the Firefighters and the National Police released the details of the equestrian parade on August 1, to be held in greeting to the festivities in honor of Santo Domingo of Guzmán.

In this event, Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado invited families to participate in this event with complete security and informed that 300 workers of the Municipality will work on the installation of safety nets on the route, in addition to guaranteeing cleanliness before, during and after of the equestrian parade.

Mr. Reynaldo Largaespada, President of the Association of Horsemen of Managua, reported that the parade will begin its journey from the west side of where the González Cinema was, passing through the Hugo Chávez roundabout, turning left to the Ministry of the Interior and bordering the east and south side of the Tiscapa lagoon until reaching the El Güegüense roundabout until reaching the Holiday Inn hotel.

He also reported that the parade is expected to start at 2:30 in the afternoon and will be attended by 2 thousand horsemen, in addition to an exhibition of Harley-Davidson motorcycles, classic cars and floats, who will participate in the tour.

The Chief Commissioner Fernando Borge announced that the National Police will have 400 troops, including traffic regulators, surveillance and patrolling, to guarantee order and security in the equestrian parade.

For his part, Brigade Commander Ramón Landeros, of the Nicaraguan Unified Firefighters, indicated that this institution will carry out inspections of the sales establishments that are on the route, as well as the floats and pallets, to see their weight capacity and structures. .

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