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The capital commune carries out cleaning days prior to the celebration of La Roza del Camino

The traditional rubbing of the road will take place this Sunday, July 28, and previously the capital commune has had a special decoration team that will carry out a preliminary cleaning for two days along the entire route that the Santo Domingo de Guzmán procession will travel.


The cleaning days are carried out from 8:00 in the morning until 2:00 in the afternoon and a crew of 10 operators, a dump truck and a skid steer participate in them, the staff will maintain the green areas of the entire route , cutting the weeds and removing the sedimentation.


De esta manera la comuna brinda acompañamiento a los feligreses, miembros del comité de cargadores que este jueves daban los últimos retoques a la Ermita que se construyó en el lugar donde apareció Santo Domingo y la Cruz del Paraíso, lugar donde este domingo 28 se encontrarán los devotos del Santo Patrono.[vc_images_carousel images=”21259,21260,21261,21262,21263,21264,21265,21266,21267,21268,21269,21270,21271,21272″ img_size=”large”]

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