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Dignified housing program has changed the lives of 132 families in the neighborhoods of Managua

The Decent Housing Program carried out by the Central Government financed with the support and solidarity of China (Taiwan) in coordination with the Municipality, at the end of this week benefited 132 families in total.

In the Villa Reconciliation North neighborhood of District VI, the protagonists were the relatives of Calixto Blandón Talavera.

The decent housing program in this neighborhood has benefited 15 families and 132 in all districts.

Calixto Blandón and his family of 6 are the protagonists of this program that guarantees families in vulnerable situations a decent home. He is originally from Siuna and has lived in Villa Reconciliation for 35 years.

"I feel happy, I knew that the Commander was going to meet us, he is the only one who cares for his people, I ask God to bless him and the friends of Taiwan who with their support help the people."

Just before the delivery of the house, the rain fell on the capital, but the uproar of the community did not stop. The Vice Mayor Enrique Armas, congratulated the inhabitants of the neighborhood for the organized work of the community and for their achievements.

“Brothers we are celebrating, every time a family receives their home and has waited for it for years, it is a true party, and that only happens by the will of Commander Daniel, we are a few days away from celebrating 40/19 and this is the best way to celebrate with the people ”.

The Ambassador of China (Taiwan) Jaime Chin Mu Wu, reiterated his country's commitment to continue supporting this love project.

“We are happy to see how not even the rain can prevent us from meeting to celebrate this joy with Don Calixto and his family, it is the house, 132 but more than a number that is easy to say, it is a love project of Commander Daniel and Vice President Rosario Murillo, we are witness to this work every day and we will continue to support it ”.

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