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Three new blocks for residents of Jorge Dimitrov

The Streets for the People 2019 Program delivered three new blocks of road network to the families of the Jorge Dimitrov neighborhood, built with the double treatment technique.

This road work had an investment cost of 575 thousand córdobas and benefits the 16 thousand people who pass through these streets every day.

The Vice Mayor of Managua, Enrique Armas, upon handing over the project to the community, reiterated the commitment to continue working to transform and improve the conditions of the neighborhood.

“Brothers today we are celebrating because we continue to improve the lives of families in the capital and although we have carried out road improvement projects continuously in the last five years, our priority for 2020 is to continue through the Streets for the People Program more projects of road improvement, until we achieve the lining of all the streets of the neighborhood ”.

The neighborhood's road network is made up of asphalt, cobblestone and concrete streets, to continue advancing in the execution of street lining works, in this year 2019 the attention of 7.5 blocks is scheduled with an investment of 1 million 562 one thousand córdobas, of which 50 percent is reached.

Maritza del Rosario Bravo has lived in the neighborhood since it was founded, she along with her neighbors are the direct beneficiaries of the project.

“We feel happy about these new streets, and the kids are not going to get muddy when it rains, there are many well-made streets here, but they did not pass through here, before this project the Mayor's Office had made 7 new streets, made of concrete, but they do not reach the houses here, if we have seen something, it is that year after year the Mayor's Office makes us new streets ”.

The Jorge Dimitrov neighborhood is almost 40 years old and has 75 percent of its streets lined.

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