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The lining of the Domitila Lugo channel ends in its third stage

The third stage of lining the Domitila Lugo channel is ready, 110 meters were lined with hydraulic concrete. This work, which will prevent the drainage system from collapsing in times of rain, will benefit at least 30 families directly in the vicinity of the riverbed.

With this work, the slopes were permanently stabilized, which will allow total security to a little more than 30 families representing 1,560 inhabitants.

Mayor Reyna Rueda, upon handing over the drainage project to the community, reiterated the Municipal Government's commitment to continue working to eliminate critical points in the most vulnerable areas of the capital.

“We have been working on the lining of this channel for three years, one of the longest we have, it is 505 meters long and we have lined 355 meters from 2016 to today, but the lining also forced us to do additional works that were necessary. to be able to coat and stabilize it ”.

In this stage 8 million córdobas were invested and in the three stages together, 30 million córdobas have been invested.

Rueda explained that the project will conclude in 2020 and will be part of next year's drainage projects.

"We still need to cover 150 meters and have the full security that your government will be there to fulfill, thanks to that commitment that our Commander and this Municipal Government have to eradicate risk areas."

Michelle Lugo, niece of Domitila Lugo and resident of the neighborhood thanked the Municipal Government for this work.

“We feel happy, because since they began to work on this riverbed, the families who live close by are no longer in danger, the mosquito net has decreased a lot and the houses that were about to collapse are now safe, thanks to the commitment of this Government Sandinista who is the only one who cares about the poor ”.

The work consisted in the construction of a rectangular reinforced concrete channel, 110 meters long, 7 meters wide and 2 meters high, 58 meters of gabion wall.

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