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Alexis Argüello on his tenth anniversary is still the Champion of Reconciliation

This July 1, the entire Nicaraguan sports family together with President Daniel Ortega, Vice President Rosario Murillo, municipal authorities, wife, children, relatives, friends and a high-level delegation from the OMB paid tribute to Three-time champion Alexis Argüello on his tenth anniversary of the step to immortality.

As the President entered the Olof Palme convention center, after applause of more than five minutes, the President honored the friendship between the Reconciliation Champion and “El Púas” Olivares who came especially to honor his lifelong friend.

Palmera Palmerita, the song interpreted by Argüello, was the prelude to the intervention of the President of Nicaragua, Commander Daniel Ortega Saavedra, in the act of commemoration prior to the delivery of the Alexis Argüello Order to the Sports Excellence of the Year 2019.

"Sweet, beautiful song, it says a lot about what Alexis was, what Alexis is, because Alexis is still with us, with his voice, with his soul, with his heart", were the first words of Commander Daniel Ortega.

The President called Rubén “El Púas” Olivares, Román “El Chocolatito” González, Rosendo “El Búfalo” Álvarez and Ricardo “El Matador”, to the presidium table to name the Triple Champion, the Champion of Reconciliation.

 “Here with this champion of champions, Rubén, loved and admired in Mexico and the world, loved and admired by us Nicaraguans. He is a sports hero. And these champions, like Alexis, always carry a message of unity for the youth, for the peoples, for humanity ”.

“Alexis, dear family of Alexis, dear Nicaraguan brothers, on this day, when we remember the tenth anniversary of his transition to immortality, we say to Alexis: 'Here are your champions, fighters for peace, always fighting for peace. ”.

On this tenth anniversary, the municipal authorities awarded the Alexis Argüello Order to outstanding athletes and promoters of Nicaraguan sports.

The Order was imposed by the President of the Republic, Commander Daniel Ortega Saavedra, who also surprisingly delivered the Bicentennial Order of Managua to the Mexican boxer Rubén “El Púas” Olivares and Mr. Federico Enríquez special envoys of Mauricio Sulaimán, President of the Council World Boxing.

The award-winning national athletes were Nicaraguan baseball legend Roberto “El Boby” Espino and the basketball player of more than two decades of coastal origin Noel McKenzie. Posthumously, the commander William Ramírez Solórzano, a prominent promoter of Nicaraguan sport, was awarded the Order of Sports Excellence Alexis Argüello. The order was received by his sons Aureliano, Camilo and Amaru Ramírez.

Among those attending the act in tribute, was the family of Alexis Argüello, as well as important athletes such as the former world billiard champion Arturo Bone; the boxer Eduardo Mojica; Félix Alvarado, light flyweight champion; Román “Chocolatito” González; Rosendo Álvarez; Adonis Rivas; Eduardo Marquez; Ricardo Mayorga; Vicente Padilla; Paul Argüello, Norman Cardoze, Omar Cisneros, among others.

Among the guests were also the presidents of the federations, the Nicaraguan Olympic Committee; the director of the Sports Institute, Marlon Torres; the president of the Professional Boxing Commission, Juan Alberto Molinares; Commissioner Diógenes Cárdenas, president of the Nicaraguan Boxing Commission; Bismarck Morales, representative of the WBC in Nicaragua; and leaders of the national sport.

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