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Millionaire drainage project that benefits three capital neighborhoods concludes

The Mayor's Office of Managua completed the lining of the La Primavera riverbed, this drainage project that had an investment cost of 13 million cordobas, will benefit three neighborhoods and will also eliminate a critical point, of the 57 identified in the capital city.

The secretary general of the commune, Fidel Moreno explained that for several years work has been done to stabilize the channel due to its different levels of danger.

This channel is about 5 meters deep and has a significant span, which is why, as it was not lined, it meant greater risks of collapse.

With this completed work, the concerns and the risk to which the families that live next to the river were exposed are alleviated, now they will be able to live more calmly and safely, because the strong currents of water in the winter will not endanger their lives.

This would be the VI stage of the project and it only remains to complete a vehicular bridge with which there will be communication between Villa Vallarta, 31 Aniversario and La Primavera Annex.

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