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Road improvement in the Jorge Dimitrov neighborhood will conclude this week

Capital authorities carried out this morning, supervision in the works of the road improvement project, which is carried out in one of the accesses to the main road of the Jorge Dimitrov neighborhood.

This road work is part of the Streets for the People Program through the double treatment modality, and is the first of 5 sections to be executed in this neighborhood.

The Secretary General of the Capital Commune, Fidel Moreno, explained that this first section consists of 300 meters, (3 blocks approximately) and will be completed this week.

He added that upon completion of this work, progress will be made on the other 4 additional sections to complete a little more than 1,000 meters, about 12 blocks in the Jorge Dimitrov neighborhood.

He stressed that this year, the Streets for the People Program has as its essential axis "serving streets that have low traffic, but that are streets that have been in poor condition for many years and have been demanded by the population for a long time."

That is why the Good Government executes this work, which has an investment cost of 1.5 million cordobas, which will allow the main families to enjoy better living conditions.

"Although it is a solution that has a useful life of about 5 years, but at least, for the next 5 years, they will have better conditions and on the same basis, we are evaluating the traffic generated by the street and in future investments extend this type of works in its duration ”.

During the tour, Moreno stressed that this work has a lot of shared social responsibility, since the population did their bit so that the improvement of the street was carried out.

"It is very important to highlight and recognize the residents of the neighborhood, this is a place where the drinking water pipes were very superficial, as were the sewage pipes, and the families previously made an effort to deepen these pipes", stressed.

Similarly, Moreno shared that this neighborhood has also been making investments in drainage and concrete in recent years, with an investment of almost 30 million córdobas, of which 13 million have been invested in concrete streets.

"This is an area that has steep slopes, the runoff is very strong, so we have been taking care of the main streets in particular, in order to take advantage of the fact that they serve as drainage works in themselves," emphasized Moreno.

For her part, Karla Patricia Hernández, politician of the territory, stated that the participation of the population in this neighborhood was very active, “people have welcomed the project with great emotion, it has been a long-awaited project, just like the other streets that have been made in the neighborhood ”.

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