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Third stage of lining in the Domitila Lugo channel concludes

The Municipal Government completed the lining and drainage works in the third stage of the Domitila Lugo channel. This storm drainage project began in 2016 and due to the length of the riverbed, work has been done three years in a row, missing a fourth stage scheduled for 2020.

In this stage, 110 linear meters were lined with concrete and the slopes were stabilized with gabions, benefiting 213 families directly, with these works a critical point is eliminated, as confirmed by the Secretary General, Fidel Moreno, during a tour of the works final cleaning.

"We are completing the lining of this third stage of the channel, a significant volume of water passes through here, because it is 2 meters deep and 7 meters wide, which represented a risk of collapse for 1,560 people, with this project we are eliminating this critical point ”.

Moreno explained that the lining of the channel for three years in a row was necessary to comprehensively address the problems in the area, but a fourth stage would be pending for 2020.

“We are 96 percent complete and at the end of the week the work will be completed, but a fourth stage is pending, which will be done next year, once we finish the fourth stage here, the following year we will begin the first stage of the riverbed. Santa Rosa neighborhood that we will also do in 4 stages, to solve the problems of the Santa Rosa neighborhood we had to do this work here near the lake first ”.

The lining of the third stage has an investment of 8 million córdobas and from 2016 to date, 30 million córdobas have been invested in the three stages.

Moreno highlighted that in recent years the Municipal Government has carried out more than 100 storm drainage projects, with a systemic approach to reduce vulnerability in areas that still have critical points.

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