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New streets in the Las Torres neighborhood

Comrade Reyna Rueda Alvarado, Mayor of the Citizen Power of Managua inaugurated and delivered to the families of the Las Torres neighborhood, the road improvement of 2 new streets, paved with hydraulic concrete, which have a useful life of 30 years.

This neighborhood of District 4 of Managua, is located in the coastal area of the Nicaraguan capital, where the Municipality has improved the living conditions of families in the sector, through projects and comprehensive care programs, for families who lived in precarious or vulnerable conditions.

In this inauguration of road improvement, the colleague Reyna Rueda explained that this work consisted of the paving of 500 square meters of streets with hydraulic concrete, in addition to its curbs and platforms, with an investment of 800 thousand córdobas, which directly benefited 150 families from this area of the municipality of Managua.

He also expressed that this work was formulated together with the population, who presented the project proposal in the town councils and community assemblies, as part of the Citizen Power model, which promotes Good Government.

For its part, the population expressed its appreciation for the execution of this work for the common good, as expressed by Mrs. Socorro Gallegos Hernández, resident of Sector C of the Las Torres neighborhood, who thanked the Good Government for improving their living conditions, because Before the streets were impassable, to the point that she fell and fractured her left leg a few years ago, due to the poor state of the streets, but now the new streets are a dream come true for the families of the sector, who can transit without problems for them.

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