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Comprehensive Project in the Los Angeles neighborhood of District 5 progresses satisfactorily

Complying with the commitment to improve the living conditions of the capital's families, the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua executes the improvement of roads, storm drainage and sanitary sewer, in the Los Angeles neighborhood of District 5, a project that was supervised this Tuesday, 25 of June, by comrade Fidel Moreno, Secretary General, who spoke with the residents and the media to whom he explained the progress of this work of progress for this area of the capital.

This project is being carried out on a street in the Los Angeles neighborhood of District 5, where the installation of storm drainage is being carried out in an area where it did not exist and the runoff was very strong; Also, the expansion of the sanitary sewer pipeline is carried out and finally the street will be lined with hydraulic concrete.

Likewise, he explained that this project began to be executed 30 days ago and has an execution period of 120 to 150 days, that is, it is expected to end in 3 or 4 months; period in which, weekly, the residents will be informed, through project evaluation assemblies, where the progress of the project will be explained, as part of the Citizen Power model.

The project in general has an impact on 5 neighborhoods of the capital and has directly benefited approximately 30 thousand people in the area, with an investment from 2015 to date of almost 45 million Córdobas.

He explained that, in 2015, the sanitary sewer system was executed in the entire Los Angeles neighborhood; In 2016, in the Vista Xolotlán and 14 de Mayo neighborhoods, a sanitary sewer and storm drainage work was carried out, as well as the lining of 300 linear meters of the channel in the Milagro de Dios neighborhood sector; And in 2017, the lining of 1,100 linear meters of street was carried out, linking Los Ángeles, Milagro de Dios and Eduardo Contreras neighborhoods.

These works are complemented by the road improvement project, storm drainage and expansion of the sanitary sewer system, which is executed in this year 2019, which has an investment of 15 million Córdobas; Likewise, he pointed out that with the construction of these works, it will be possible to advance with more projects of this type in the 30 de Mayo neighborhood and others that are located further south.

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