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Capital commune eliminates critical point due to flooding in district 4

In the Domitila neighborhood, the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power inaugurated a rainwater drainage work to eliminate a critical point due to flooding, which affected 50 families in this community in District 4 of Managua.

This work for the common good was inaugurated and delivered to the community by Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado, who expressed the Good Government's commitment to improving the living conditions of the capital's families.

Likewise, he announced that this project to improve rain drainage consisted of the expansion of a 33.88 linear meter gutter and the construction of 2 gutters and a transverse one, which guarantee a better catchment of water and prevent the 50 adjoining houses.

The improvement of this pluvial drainage had an investment of a little more than 500 thousand Córdobas and was received in an atmosphere of joy and celebration, by the residents of the sector, who were happy with this work that guarantees safety against the rains, as well said Mrs. Emilia Sirias, a resident of the sector, in the same way, Mrs. Silvia Bermúdez expressed herself, who said she was satisfied with this project that already passed the test with the May rains.

The Mayor of Managua recalled that in the winter of 2018 this community was affected by flooding and caused the collapse of 2 houses, which were rebuilt with the solidarity of the brother people of China (Taiwan) and the project was formulated in coordination with the community. to include it in the 2019 Annual Investment Plan, as part of the Citizen Power model.

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