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Protagonist María Isabel Carcache receives her new house

Committed to improving the living conditions of capital families living in precarious conditions and in restitution of their rights, the Mayor's Office of Citizen Power of Managua delivered decent home number 112, which was built with the support and solidarity of China (Taiwan) .

This project of love and solidarity, which has been running since the end of October last year, has improved the living conditions of 112 families in the 7 Districts of the capital, including the family of Mrs. María Isabel Carcache Pérez, who lives in the Batahola Sur neighborhood. , to whom a decent home was built, due to the poor condition and vulnerability to natural phenomena, which was his old house.

With her face full of joy, Doña María Isabel was very happy with the construction of her new home, in which she will no longer be afraid of the rains and expressed her gratitude to the Good Government, as well as to the Chinese embassy (Taiwan ), which supports this solidarity project with the neediest families in the capital city.

This dignified home was delivered by Mr. Iván Lu, Minister Counselor of the Embassy of China (Taiwan) in Nicaragua and Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales, who expressed the interest of the Good Government in improving the living conditions of the capital's families; As is the case of Batahola Sur, where the Municipality has built 17 decent homes since 213 and has executed 8 projects from 2017 to date, the latter with a total investment of 698 thousand 995 Córdobas.

In Batahola Sur, the Managua Mayor's Office has improved the living conditions of 17 families with the construction of these decent houses. In 2013, 5 were built; In 2015, 9 were delivered and with the solidarity of China (Taiwan), 3 have been built in 2019.

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