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Relatives of comrade Bismarck Martínez, Hero of Peace and Love, receive the Municipal Order "Year of the Bicentennial"

The municipal government posthumously delivered the Municipal Order "Year of the Bicentennial, Leal Villa de Managua 1819-2019 ”to the family of Bismarck Martínez (RIP), hero of Peace and Love at the National Palace of Culture, as part of the funeral service held by the Nicaraguan people for two days, 11 months after his loss in one of the roadblocks in Jinotepe, Carazo.

Prior to the delivery, the Managua Council in extraordinary session, in the auditorium Miguel Larreynaga approved unanimously under resolution number 25, the delivery of the order to his wife and relatives.

The Order of the Bicentennial Year was created to honor national and foreign personalities or institutions, which have been characterized by their services in different fields of life and the capital city.

The Vice Mayor of Managua, Enrique Armas, stated that comrade Bismarck was a worker who enriched with his contributions to the capital's commune, for the well-being of the Managua people and their visitors.

“Bismarck was a colleague who, wherever he was working, he solved people's problems, he had a spirit of service, of solidarity in favor of his colleagues, he never said it could not be, he always looked for a way, more if it depended on the welfare of the people, Bismarck de Jesús Sánchez, a law graduate, exercised different tasks for many years with a dedication and commitment that characterized him until the last moment ”.

 Mirlen Cecilia Méndez Ventura, Bismarck's wife, received the order along with her children Mirlen Martínez, Heidi Martínez, Bismarck Antonio Martínez, Óscar Danilo Martínez and their seven grandchildren.

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