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Mayor congratulates first mothers to give birth in capital hospitals

In celebration of Nicaraguan Mother's Day, Mayor Reyna Rueda visited the maternal wards of the capital's public hospitals to congratulate the first women to give birth on May 30; To whom he gave a gift and conveyed the congratulations message from Commander Daniel Ortega and Compañera Vice President Rosario Murillo.

The visit began at the Fernando Vélez Paiz hospital, where there were 21 newborns, of which 15 girls and 6 boys, the first woman to give birth in this care center, was Elyin Cárcamo Gómez, 24, from the municipality of Mateare, who conceived a child at 00 hours and 19 minutes on May 30.

At the Bertha Calderón hospital there were 58 newborns, 23 girls and 35 boys, including twin brothers; In this center, Angélica Paiz Martínez, 22 years old and originally from District 7 of Managua, was the first to give birth, this May 30, to her baby girl who was born at 00 hours and 1 minute.

In the maternal ward of the German Nicaraguan Carlos Marx hospital, the young Milena Azucena Reyes Loáisiga from the Cerro Pando region of Tipitapa was the first woman to give birth to a girl at 00 hours and 20 minutes on May 30; In total in this hospital there were 55 newborn children, of them 22 girls and 33 boys.

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