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Mayor's Office assesses rain effects on drainage works

Municipal authorities conducted a tour to assess the post-rain effects caused by the tropical depression, which affected the country during the night of Tuesday, May 28.

After a week of constant rains, the effects are minor, only fallen trees and sediments are reported on the roads, as reported by the Secretary General, Fidel Moreno, in a tour of the channel of the Barrio La Primavera.

"They report 7 fallen trees, of these, 5 affected the power lines and two obstructed the road, we have sediment on the roads that we are already removing, we call on the population that if a tree falls, do not manipulate it, it must be reported because It could be dangerous".

The riverbed of the La Primavera neighborhood was clad in its eighth stage and is part of the 2019 drainage projects, focused on eliminating critical points.

“We are in one of the most important channels of the capital, practically the 110-meter lining has already been completed, this would be the eighth stage of lining the channel that affected hundreds of families, with an investment of 6 million córdobas in the channel, but this project has another component, which is a vehicular bridge that will be ready in 15 days, it already has all the foundations and the only thing missing is the vehicular circulation slab, there we are investing 3 million córdobas ”.

The surroundings of the La Primavera riverbed, is an area that is always affected by the rains, there are about 15 thousand people who were affected and to eliminate this critical point of the city, six sections of the riverbed have been covered in eight stages, each one of the stages around 10 million córdobas of investment in recent years, consecutively.

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