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The Fair Housing Program delivers house number 106

The Decent Housing program continues to move forward to change the lives of hundreds of families. Carlos Manuel Gómez Alemán and his family are the protagonists of this love project promoted by the Central Government with the support and solidarity of China (Taiwan).

Don Carlos is 60 years old, he is an electrician by trade and is already retired, Jonathan González came to the neighborhood for 40 years, he is the father of 4 children, who from now on will live in a new home.

The Mayor of Managua Reyna Rueda, reaffirmed the municipal government's commitment to continue working, joining forces, to change the situation of families in vulnerable situations.

"In this month of May we pay tribute to love, life, solidarity, God blesses us with the rain that our farmers need so much for planting, today we are giving a new home to our brother Carlos Manuel, thanks to the solidarity of our brothers in Taiwan and the firm will of our government led by Commander Daniel and Compañera Rosario ”.

The housing project is made possible by the support of China (Taiwan), a sister country that supports different programs of the central government, Jaime Chi Mu Wu confirmed that the support will continue in the most sensitive areas.

"Rain or shine we will continue to support this project of love that President Ortega is executing. We are witnesses of the works they do for the benefit of the Nicaraguan people."

Don Carlos Manuel thanked the government for the opportunity that the government gave him along with his family.

“I feel like the luckiest father, to have the opportunity to offer my family a safe roof, thank God, and the water will not take away my sleep thinking that the house would fall on us, all thanks to the Commander who cares for people who do not have resources, "said Gómez.

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