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Capital commune offers tribute to the Mothers of Heroes and Martyrs

In greeting to the Nicaraguan Mother's Day, the Mayor's Office of Citizen Power of Managua held a festive afternoon for the Mothers of Heroes and Martyrs, with the slogan "Mothers of Love, Artisans of Peace."

This event took place in the convention center of the Japanese park, on the afternoon of this Monday, May 27, where the mothers of heroes and martyrs from the different districts of the capital shared with the comrade Reyna Rueda, Mayor of the Citizen Power of Managua , in an atmosphere of festivity and joy.

The mothers had lunch and enjoyed a concert with music from the Sonora Matancera performed by the musical group Alma Sonora, which to the rhythm of cumbias and salsa made some mothers dance, as was the case of Doña Marina Argentina Ramírez from District 2 of Managua , who thanked the Good Government for the detail of making this tribute in which they were able to share and celebrate with the Mayor of Managua.

For her part, Mayor Reyna Rueda announced that this event had the participation of more than 400 mothers of heroes and martyrs from the different neighborhoods of the 7 districts of the capital city.

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