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Dignified Housing Program delivers house number 104 in the Selim Shible neighborhood

The Dignified Housing program carried out by the Central Government in coordination with the Mayor's Office of Managua and with the solidarity support of China (Taiwan), delivered house number 104 in the Selim Shible neighborhood located in District IV.

Margarita Mendoza is the protagonist of this program that is changing the lives of Nicaraguan families, she has lived alone since 1980 in the neighborhood and due to an accident she had to stop working.

Reyna Rueda Mayor of Managua, thanked all the families who continue to wait patiently and confidently for the benefit of this project.

“A few days after celebrating Mother's Day, we joined our sister Margarita who patiently waited and had confidence in our government, led by Commander Daniel and Compañera Rosario who have the will to carry out humanistic projects that change the lives of women. families and that is possible thanks to the solidarity of our friends and brothers from the people of China (Taiwan) ”.

The Ambassador of China (Taiwan), Jaime Chin Mu Wu, reiterated the solidarity between the two peoples at all times.

“Our countries are united by affection, we have many things in common, for example large amounts of rains affect the most vulnerable homes, we are all exposed to that, we are witnesses of the effort made by the government of President Ortega and the Mayor's Office to improve the lives of the families affected, that is why we are going to continue helping the people of Nicaragua ”.

Maritza Mendoza has lived in the neighborhood for more than 30 years, she works on her own account since for health reasons she had to stop working.

"I feel happy because, with what I earn I support myself, but I do not adjust to build a house, what better gift could I receive than this, thanks to the Commander and the friends of Taiwan".

The Decent Housing Program from 2009 to 2018 has benefited 16 families in this neighborhood.

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