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Managua Mayor's Office activates the yellow alert prevention system

Before the yellow alert decreed by the Presidency of the Republic, authorities of the Mayor's Office activated the entire prevention system that guides SINAPRED in cases of constant rain, the announcement was made by Secretary General Fidel Moreno during a tour of the Germán Pomares neighborhood of the district five, to verify that the families that live near the riverbed that is currently being lined with hydraulic concrete are not affected by the rains, generated by a low pressure system.

Fidel Moreno explained that all government institutions are responding to the alert, there are two thousand servers that are already activated together with 17 Command Posts in Managua to monitor any situation that occurs in the 57 critical points that still remain in the city .

“Given that we have a climatic phenomenon off the Pacific coast of Nicaragua with rains that are not very strong, but are constant, causing saturation of soils and as part of the Yellow Alert protocol,We activate the entire system of attention, prevention and mitigation against disasters in each of the neighborhoods and communities of Managua"Moreno said.

 “In the Germán Pomares neighborhood we have a project that aims to eradicate one of the critical points, where we have forty families who are directly exposed to the overflow of the channel and as long as the channel is not completed, that exposure is still active and therefore we have to be aware ”.

Moreno announced that the storm drainage project in this neighborhood is expected to be ready in about forty days.

Another of the neighborhoods that has families exposed to risks is the René Polanco neighborhood, where there are six families that are close to the riverbed and are affected every winter by heavy rains.

Moreno reported that the surveillance system is giving priority to these families.

"Last year in the case of René Polanco we evaluated the possibility of evacuating the families, but they considered that the risk was not severe, we have evaluated that risk again and the ideal is that they be transferred at some point, but for now we are explaining to the population the possible situations that may arise and we are on alert ”.

In District V, this year there are at least five drainage projects running simultaneously.

The neighborhoods in District V benefited from storm drainage projects are: Macarally, Francisco Salazar, Germán Pomares, Los Angeles and in District IV the Domitila Lugo neighborhood, and the La Primavera neighborhood in District VI.

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