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Good Government Authorities present the Postal Stamp of the Bicentennial of Managua

In homage to the bicentennial year that Managua was declared a Loyal Villa, the postage stamp that pays tribute to the 200 years of this historic event in the city was issued.

The issuance of the postage stamp was presented by Correos de Nicaragua, through its Special Agent, partner Primitivo Rodríguez; as well as Mayor Reyna Rueda, Vice Mayor Enrique Armas and partner Jennifer Porras, Secretary of the Managua Council.

The colleague Primitivo Rodríguez from Correos de Nicaragua expressed this postage stamp is a philatelic sheet with the format of 8 printed stamps, where buildings of Managua are reflected in their different historical moments, which provides an important value to the history and culture of our country.

For her part, comrade Reyna Rueda Alvarado, Mayor of the Citizen Power of Managua, expressed that these postage stamps have an important philatelic value, in addition to promoting tourism, culture and history of our capital city.

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